Upcoming, permanent and previous exhibitions



  • From 4th of October until Easter 2024 there will be an exhibition at Gallery Vidsyn, Fjellstadvegen 8.

  • From February and whole 2024, there will be an exhibition at Sjusjøen – Graaten

  • During Easter 2024 there will be an yearly separate exhibition at Pellestova hotell

  • At Sjusjøen – Naustet there will be an exhibition from 17.th of July until 27,th of July

  • At Gallery Vågal, Trysil there will be an exhibiton from the 3rd of October

Permanent exhibitions:

Nermo Hotel

My pictures contribute to the decoration of Nermo Hotel, but can also be sold directly from the wall. This means that the exhibition is constantly renewed. Feel free to visit Nermo for a closer look.

Visit Nermo Hotell Gallery Nermo

 Umami Restaurant, Badalucco, Italy

Combine gourmet food with a permantent exhibition of my paintings for sale. Visit Umami Restaurant. 

visit Umami Restaurant Gallery - Umami


Previous exhibitions :

2023 Naustet Sjusjøen, sommerutstilling

2023 UpArte Badalucco

2022 Utstilling i Ringebusamlingene, oktober

2022 Galleri UpArte, Badalucco, sept-oktober

2022 Naustet Sjusjøen, sommerutstilling

2022 Galleri Verftsporten i Horten, juni-juli

2022 Pellestova, Påskeutstilling

2021 Myresetra Skei

2021 Ringebu Prestegard, mai-sept

2021 Naustet, Sjusjøen, sommerutstilling

2021 Pellestova, Påskeutstilling

2020 Hamar kunstforening

2020 Myresetra Skei

2020 Naustet Sjusjøen, sommerutstilling

2019 Galleri Holmsbustuene

2019 Galleri Jøtun, separatutstilling

2019 Kaussetra, separatutstilling

2019 Pellestova, separatutstilling hver påske fra 2011

2018 Galleri Holmsbustuene

2017 Atelier Vidsyn, separatutstilling

2017 Galleri Stallen, separatutstilling

2016 Atelier Vidsyn, separatutstilling

2016 Lillehammer Steinerskole, separatutstilling til inntekt for Zulufadder ved

Mari Maurstad

2016 Axes helse, Lillehammer, separatutstilling

2015 Atelier Vidsyn, Øyer, separatutstilling

2014 Årvoll i Oslo v/ Lions Club i utvalg

2014 Idemakeriet i Øyer, separatutstilling

2014 Galleri Stallen, Fredrikstad, separatutstilling

2013 Galleri Stallen, Fredrikstad, separatutstilling

2012 Galleri Stallen, Fredrikstad, separatutstilling

2011-2012 Pellestova i utvalg (påsken